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Oracle Whitepapers, Scripts, and Tools
The old Oracle performance tuning scripts and whitepapers are still fully accessible but as my focus has changed they're simply not a featured menu item anymore.

Allen Hayden Oracle Performance Tuning Whitepapers, C++, Linux, Consultant Allen Hayden Oracle Performance Tuning Scripts, C++, Linux, Consultant
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Search Technology Whitepapers
I'm still working to move the actual content for the 100+ search engine technology whitepapers from one of my other sites to this new archive. Just wish there were more hours in the day...

  • Search and Ranking Algorithms for Locating Resources on the World Wide Web
  • WebBase : A repository of web pages
  • Crawling the Hidden Web (Extended Abstract)
  • Query Processing Techniques in Data Warehousing Using Cost Model
  • Performance of Inverted Indices in Distributed Text Document Retrieval Systems
  • Searching the Web
  • Building a Distributed Full-Text Index for the Web
  • Performance of Inverted Indices in Shared-Nothing Distributed Text Document Information Retrieval Systems
  • Storage: RAID Anatomy 101
  • Storage: RAID Is in the Details
  • Storage: Application Performance and I/O
  • Unifying Text Search and Compression: Suffix Sorting, Block Sorting and Suffix Arrays
  • Compressed Text Databases with Efficient Query Algorithms based on the Compressed Suffix Array
  • Space and Time Improvements for Indexing in Information Retrieval
  • Simple, Proven Approaches to Text Retrieval
  • Little Words Can Make a Big Difference for Text Classification
  • Rank Aggregation Methods for the Web
  • Using a Relational Database for an Inverted Text Index
  • On k-word Proximity Search
  • Text/ Relational Database Management Systems: Overview and Proposed SQL Extensions
  • NLP-Supported Full-Text Retrieval
  • Adding Compression to Block Addressing Inverted Indexes
  • Succinct Representation of Balanced Parentheses Static Trees and Planar Graphs
  • Compression and Fast Indexing for Multi-Gigabyte Text Databases
  • Determining Text Databases to Search in the Internet
  • Formal Models for Web Queries
  • Parallel Technique for Efficient Searching Over Very Large Text Collections
  • CS347 - Lecture Notes on Inverted Indexes, Query Algorithms, Sorting, etc.
  • Inverted Files Versus Signature Files for Text Indexing
  • Information retrieval on the Web Tools & algorithmic issues
  • Index Structures for Selective Dissemination of Information Under the Boolean Model
  • Indexing Compressed Text
  • An ASCII Database for Fast Queries of Relatively Stable Data
  • A PADRE in MUFTI: A Multi User Free Text Retrieval Intermediary
  • Integrating Structured Data and Text: A Relational Approach.
  • Efficiency Considerations for Scalable Information Retrieval Servers
  • Fast Searching on Compressed Text Allowing Errors
  • Efficient Distributed Algorithms to Build Inverted Files
  • Search Middleware and the Simple Digital Library Interoperability Protocol
  • Supporting Full-Text Information Retrieval with a Persistent Object Store
  • What can you do with a Web in your Pocket?
  • The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine (Google)
  • A Parallel Architecture for Query Processing Over A Terabyte of Text
  • WebBase : A repository of web pages
  • An Overview of World Wide Web Search Technologies
  • An Evaluation of Standard Retrieval Algorithms and a Weightless Neural Approach
  • A Comparative Study of HashJoin Algorithms for Large-Scale Parallel Computer Systems
  • Querying Documents in Object Databases
  • Keeping Web Indices up-to-date
  • Efficient Acquisition of Web Data through Restricted Query Interfaces
  • Relevance Evaluation of Search Engines? Query Results
  • Indexing Compressed Text
  • Fast And Space Efficient Trie Searches
Older Performance Tools
There was a time when I created a number of free and commercial Oracle Performance Tuning tools and scripts, like the ones shown below.

Unfortunately, these tools are no longer available.

A few sites that might be a good place to visit for help are TOADSoft and OraFAQ.

Allen Hayden - Oracle Performance Software, C++, Linux, Consultant