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Contact Info  
Thanks for visiting my web site. If you're here then you're probably looking for a senior developer to help out on a project that involves some heavy C/C++ with a substantial database component on the backend.

Working as the lead consultant on projects utilizing C/C++, Perl, Linux, and Oracle/MySQL has pretty much been my whole life during the past 15+ years.

Although my early clients were quite varied, the last several years has had me heavily involved search engine technology, initially with crawling / indexing and then later, on the more commercial side of things, with ad platform development.

A Quick Technical Snapshot
There are several online resume pages available that provide much more detail but here's a very quick snapshot of my development background:

  15+ Years Experience   Varied Client/Project Exposure
  Heavy C, C++ , and Perl   Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, MS/Win
  Oracle, MySQL, BerkeleyDB   HP9000, IBM RS-6000, Sun Sparc
  Oracle SQL, PL/SQL   Oracle Pro*C & OCI
  Visual C++, FORMS, Flash   TCP/IP Sockets (High Transaction)
  HTML, Javascript, CSS   Oracle Performance Tuning
  Heavy Web Development   Custom Search Engine Technology
  PPC Ad Server Platform Dev   Local Search (GeoBased)
  Artificial Intelligence   Biology / Life Sciences

My availability tends to vary but if you've got a project where you think I might be able to assist, certainly feel free to get in touch. In meantime, you're welcome to browse the site. Hopefully, between the various pages you can get a better feel for what I could bring to the table for your project.

Recent Research
Exploring concepts for advancing modelling in cognitive AI has been a strong focus for the past few years.

There's a number of commercial applications for this project. But ultimately I'd like to see the work result in some advances that could actually help people.

Feb 12th - a cold snowy morning...

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