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Most people who stop by are generally here looking for a very senior developer who can help out on some sort of specialized project. Typically, it's a project that requires high performance, heavy C/C++, with a substantial database component on the backend... and a bit of creativity.

I have a somewhat broad technical background both in computer science and biology but creating custom high transaction web based solutions for clients utilizing C/C++, Linux, and Oracle/MySQL is what powers my life.

The site might be a bit much to take in but if you're on the executive staff tasked with finding someone for this type of project then it should do a good job of communicating what kind of creativity and technical expertise I bring to the table.

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Bluetooth SensorAllen Hayden - BlueTooth, Biology, Healthcare, C++, Linux
I've tinkered with this Texas Instruments sensor kit in the past pairing it with my iPhone but now that it's paired with my workstation things have really began to come alive.

Allen Hayden - Bluetooth sensor, linux, c++, consultant
Bluetooth enabled sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
Model: CC2541
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer

"Everything is better with Bluetooth" - S. Cooper

Allen Hayden - Development Project, c++, linux, consultant

Linux/C++ Dev
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning AdTech
Puzzling through novel neural network models based on seed nuclei has been my passion the last few years... Applying and integrating machine learning tools into commercial applications is definitely on the forefront lately... Neither pay-per-click or contextual advertising technology are my focus but it's a skill very much in demand...
Allen Hayden - Artificial Intelligence, c++, linux, consultant Allen Hayden - Machine Learning, c++, linux, consultant Allen Hayden - Advertising Technology, c++, linux, consultant
Last Few Years
Allen Hayden - Contextual Advertising Page Analysis, c++, linux, consultant Allen Hayden - Genetics, biology, c++, linux, consultant Allen Hayden - Consumer Behavior Crowds, c++, linux, consultant
Page Analysis
User Engagement
Human Disease
Consumer Behavior
Crown Data
The last few years have been quite busy with work on a contextual advertising project for a client, tinkering with consumer behavior models, as well as studying disease genetics and evolutionary biology.
Stat-104: Statistics / Economics
At some point, most all of my projects have me collecting stats, building charts, or creating a model of some kind. Stuff I'm very comfortable with and could do in my sleep.

However, jazzing up my stats background has been on my mind for a while. So I'm glad to report that I'm just about to finish a class on statistics for economics.

Allen Hayden - Statistics Economics, c++, linux, consultlant
Goal: 500 Miles
Allen Hayden - Exercise Weekly Miles, c++, linux, consultant, bluetooth, healthcare, fitness, biology Between bad weather, my schedule, and a bit of laziness its taken much longer than I thought but on 10/31 I very proudly passed the 500 mile mark for 2015...

Weekly Miles

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  • 2015 Site Update: It's been way too many years since the site has been updated. So I decided to freshen things up a bit. Hopefully this latest coat of paint will last for a while.
  • Lingua Vectors: an updated database and improved query api for english n-grams will soon be available.
  • Click Fraud: a new click fraud document showing how machine learning techniques can be used to spot affiliate fraud is now online.
  • Oracle Pages: Oracle Performance Tuning scripts and whitepapers are still available but have been moved to the archive page.